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List of Contents (目次)

-Contact 連絡先

-Questionnaire アンケート

-Registration 登録

-Deletion 削除



Name and Address

International Research Center for Japanese Studies
3-2 Goryo Oeyama-cho, Nishikyo-ku, Kyoto 610-1192, Japan 


Responsible: Office of International Research Exchange

Email: nimou* (Please replace * with @)







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-Questionnaire about Nimou

We sincerely hope to listen from you about the database. If you have time, please jump to the link and answer the questionnaire.

All your responses will be used only to make NIMOU better and will not be disclosed to any third parties without your explicit permission.

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-Register or modify your information to the NIMOU

If you hope to add your information to the NIMOU, we are very glad that you fill the below form out.

There are two request forms: for researchers, for institutions. We appreciate your request a lot.

It is often difficult for us to find information for all required items from the various sources, so we are very glad if you tell us them that you hope to share in the NIMOU.

*Please note that currently, we do not register doctoral students or people who have only bachelor or master degrees.

*In another way, you can send us your CV. We will pick up required information from it.

For researchers:

For institutions:


Modify your information in the NIMOU

If you hope to change your information in the NIMOU, could you send us an email directly and tell us the exact, latest, or additional information? We appreciate that a lot. We always try to gather the correct information as much as possible. However, our working team is small and the source of information is limited. So, we are happy if you would help us collect the data in the NIMOU.

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-Delete your information from the NIMOU

If you hope to delete your information from the NIMOU, please let us know it by using this request form.

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