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By using the Japanese Studies Information Network (this “Site”), users consent to all of the below.



Information published on this Site is either information that has been published on an institution’s website and then edited by the International Research Center for Japanese Studies (“Nichibunken”) or information that was collected independently by Nichibunken. The copyright for any information published on this Site belongs to the party stipulated on the website from where the information is quoted or it belongs to Nichibunken or the relevant institution or researcher. Therefore, information on this Site cannot be used beyond the scope of private use, quotation, or any other use permitted under the Copyright Act of Japan. If you intend to use information on this Site beyond that scope, then please contact Nichibunken (contact details) or use the information in accordance with the rules of the website from where the information was collected. Furthermore, the content of this Site may not be altered and used, in whole or in part, without the permission of Nichibunken.


Personal information

This Site publishes information about researchers and institutions, Nichibunken’s research activities, and other such information within the scope of the purpose of contributing to the global development of Japanese studies by facilitating interaction among researchers. Only information that researchers and institutions have made available to the general public is published on this Site. To apply to amend or delete published content, please contact Nichibunken (here).


Access logs and cookies

This Site uses Google Analytics, which is an access analysis tool provided by Google. Google Analytics uses cookies to collect traffic data. This collected traffic data is anonymized and Nichibunken does not use it to specify individuals. By disabling cookies, you can turn off this data-collecting function, so, if you would like to do so, please adjust your browser’s settings. For details about Google Analytics, please refer to the following webpage:


Links to this Site

You may freely link to this Site. However, the URL of any webpage on this Site might change without notice. Furthermore, when linking to this Site, please clearly state that the link is a link to this Site.



Nichibunken bears no liability for any trouble, damage, loss, or the like caused by using this Site or information on this Site. Furthermore, Nichibunken does not endorse, recommend, or guarantee any researcher or institution published on this Site or the content of research, services, or the like thereof. Nichibunken bears no liability for the accuracy, currentness, completeness, or other such attributes of information published on this Site. For disclaimer information about websites that are linked to from this Site, please refer to the information stipulated on the relevant website.


Other matters

Please note that the content of this Site might be changed or deleted without notice.
















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